Durrat Marina signs Sales and Development Agreement with Maaster Project Management Services Co.

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For the Development of Two Residential Towers Durrat Marina signs Sales and Development Agreement with Maaster Project Management Services Co.

Bahrain’s Durrat Marina has signed a sales and development agreement with Maaster Project Management Services Co. for the sale of two seafront residential plots totaling an area of 3,653 square meters for developing two residential buildings within Phase One of the Project. The signing was attended by Mr. Ahmed Al Qattan, Chairman of Durrat Marina, and Mr. Antony John, the Chairman of Maaster Project Management Services.

During the signing of the agreement, Mr. Al Qattan expressed his pleasure for the sale of these two plots concreting the confidence of the Bahraini developers in the Durrat Marina project. He further explained that these two plots are planned for the development of two six-storey buildings offering panoramic views of the sea or the marina. These two towers are expected to appeal to Bahraini locals as well as GCC and foreigner nationals.

Mr. Antony John on the other hand expressed his great enthusiasm in acquiring these two plots for the development of two residential towers within the unique environment of Durrat Marina. He added “the Durrat Marina enjoys unparallel international standard and is unique in terms of its components, and is bound to be a popular destination for many of those interested in life and recreation near the marina”. Work on the residential buildings is expected to start within the next three months.

Mr. Al Qattan also added that the development of these residential towers is in line with the development progress of the Project. Durrat Marina’s infrastructure is completed and is being implemented in conjunction with the components of the Project. The marina’s 113 yacht berths are expected to start operations in June of this year, and construction of the 20 residential villas, which have all been sold, are near completion and are expected to be delivered to homeowners by August of this year. Furthermore, Mr. Yazan Haddad, Managing Director of Durrat Marina, added that since the announcement of the sales and marketing campaign of the Durrat Marina Development in all of its commercial, retail and residential components, the development has witnessed enormous interest in terms of inquiries and sales. This solidifies the attractiveness of Durrat Marina’s concept as it combines residential, commercial and entertainment services in a distinctive setting that is in line with renowned international standards.

Mr. Yazan Haddad also noted that Durrat Marina is located north of Durrat Al Bahrain on the southeastern coast of the Kingdom of Bahrain and consists of 3 islands with the Marina in the middle; it is expected to accommodate over 400 boats, once completed. The Marina will also consist of a promenade which is expected to be amongst the busiest and liveliest areas of Durrat Marina with retail outlets, restaurants, cafes, hotels and residential towers on one side and marina and sea view on the other. The development will also include world class amenities and services including a yacht club, destined to be a unique facility and a first in the Kingdom of Bahrain.