Durrat Marina Signs MOU with CIRCO Properties

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Mega-project Durrat Marina and CIRCO, a real estate facilities and property management specialist, jointly announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for sales and marketing of Durrat Marina

Under the terms of the MOU, CIRCO has been assigned the official role of sales and marketing agent for Durrat Marina’s first phase of development. This covers sales of a residential area, comprised of both villas and apartments, as well as a retail area which aims to host a range of restaurants, high end trendy boutiques, and leisure outlets, and a set of investment lands. The two zones will neighbor a beautifully designed Marina, which will house over 95 boats and yachts of various sizes. The sale and lease of these developments will offer expatriates and locals alike the opportunity to invest in luxury freehold, water front properties.

Durrat Marina has already seen a good deal of demand for the properties within its first phase, a fact which has been enhanced by the strides made in onsite construction.

Commenting on the appointment, Mr. Waleed Saffy, CEO of Durrat Marina, said “Our selection of CIRCO comes with appreciation for their commendable track record in managing a number of local properties.” Speaking on the project itself, Mr. Saffy noted, “Construction at Durrat Marina, located just north of Durrat Al Bahrain, is well under way, with expectations for the first set of sea-facing villas to be completed by year-end, and work set to begin on the residential buildings offering spacious and well designed 1, 2, and 3 bedroom apartments. Additionally, construction of the retail units is set to follow suite, while set-up for the project’s Marina has covered most of its key construction milestones.”

From his side, Mohammed A. Al Muqbel, CEO of CIRCO, added “We are very pleased to be entering into a working partnership with Durrat Marina. Our belief in the project and its deliverables underlies our commitment to its marketing and sales. Durrat Marina is a uniquely designed environment which we believe will bring a new level of luxury and class to Bahrain’s standards of living. Our association with the project aims to bring prospective clientele a highly desired property via a smooth and professional process, which we have established through our experience with a number of special residential, commercial, and leisure projects.”

Durrat Marina is one of the very few projects that combines world-class residential, commercial, leisure, and marine services in such a unique manner. Durrat Marina has now sold out most of their first phase seafront villas and a large number of apartments have also been reserved. It is worth noting that each of the elements that has been introduced to the public works towards the company’s aspiration to create a concept in inspired living, elegant yet simple; a space that embraces an energetic and a vibrant yet chic lifestyle.